Working With the WebFOCUS BUE Portal


How to:

The first page that you see as a Manager, is the Getting Started page. If you sign in as any other user, the first page you see is the Home page. If you add a new personal page and sign out of the portal with the new page in focus, the new page opens, by default, the next time you sign in. You can create new pages in the WebFOCUS Business User Edition to display the content that is available to you.

Procedure: How to Add a New Personal Page

Click the Add Page icon, as shown in the following image.

Add Page icon

A blank page and the WebFOCUS Resources panel opens. You can drag content from the Resources tree panel to the page.

Procedure: How to Add a New Base Page

  1. In the Resources tree, right-click a domain page, and then click Publish.

    For more information on how to create domain pages, see How to Use the Page Designer to Create a Domain Page.

  2. Right-click your published page, and then click Add to Portal.

    The confirmation message appears indicating that the page is added to the portal.

  3. Click OK to close the confirmation message.

    The BUE portal refreshes, the new page appears in the new tab.

    Note: The domain pages added to the BUE portal behave as base pages. Base pages are locked by default at design time to prevent users from making run-time changes.

Procedure: How to Add Content to the BUE Portal at Run Time

  1. Navigate to the page that you want to populate with content.
  2. On the Menu bar, click Resources.

    The WebFOCUS Resources panel opens.

  3. Drag an item on the page. Use the shaded area to position the item on the page, as shown in the following image.

    Note: When you drag one item on top of another and position your cursor in the center of the other item, you have a choice to either replace the existing item or add the new item as a new tab. If you choose the latter, a tabbed container will be automatically created. If you choose the latter, a tabbed container will be automatically created. If you multi-select several items and drag them to a page, they will display as tabs inside a single panel. You can refresh or delete each tab individually. You can rearrange content by moving it on the page with your pointer. Optionally, you can change the layout of the page by right-clicking the page title, and then clicking Page Layout. The default layout of the personal pages is Fluid Canvas.

  4. After you finish adding content to the page, close the WebFOCUS Resources panel by clicking the Close icon in the upper-right corner of the panel.

Accessing Page Shortcut Menu Options

Right-click the page title of a personal page or an unlocked base page to access page shortcut menu options. The shortcut menu opens, as shown in the following image.

Page Shortcut Menu Options
Change Title

Renames the selected page.

Move Left

Moves the selected page to the left.

Move Right

Moves the selected page to the right.

Page Layout

Allows you to choose a page layout to align your content into the desired number of columns.


Deletes the selected page.

Note: The Home and Getting Started pages do not have shortcut menu options, since these are static base pages for the BUE portal.