WebFOCUS Release 8.2.04

Explore the features and product innovations that are available in WebFOCUS Release 8.2.04.

WebFOCUS Infographics

WebFOCUS Infographics deliver business intelligence (BI) and analytics insights through data storytelling. You can present ideas and metrics in a compelling visual format, using images to share information and convey complex concepts. With the integration of a web-based infographic tool, which features thousands of customizable infographic templates and design objects, with the WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform, and the WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform you can populate visuals with corporate data sources and adopt key elements that are specific to different users. Once your infographic is complete, you can use WebFOCUS scheduling tools to distribute your message across different users, while automatically personalizing information, and applying security rules.



Vector Basemaps in App Studio

In prior releases, basemaps were pre-rendered image tiles (.png or .gif) that could not be customized. That’s not the case anymore! In this release, vector basemaps are delivered from ArcGIS Online as vector tiles that are rendered on the client and based on a style file that is delivered with the vector tiles. The result provides customization options not available with pre-rendered image tiles. WebFOCUS App Studio 8.2.04 includes a default set of vector basemaps, including the Dark Gray Vector, Gray Vector, Streets Navigation Vector, Streets Night Vector, Streets Relief Vector, and Topographic Vector basemaps. And you can add additional vector basemaps using the Reporting Server Geo configuration editor.



Second-Level Mapping in App Studio

When you install WebFOCUS App Studio, you have out-of-the-box access to geographic boundaries for 58 World administrative regions. With a second-level map license, now available for Release 8.2.04, you will have access to additional detailed administrative regions down to the postal code level for approximately 250 countries. This enables you to visualize data on a map in much greater detail than you can with the default administrative regions.



WebFOCUS Designer Enhancements

This release delivers several WebFOCUS Designer enhancements that enable you to use content in convenient and innovative ways. Two repository widgets, Explorer and Link Tile, allow you to display and navigate content differently and with more options. The Info Mode feature lets developers see at a glance the place of each item in the repository and all parameters configured for this item. Additionally, you can now hide certain content items from specific device types, streamlining the view of your page on these devices. Finally, new properties are available to facilitate your work with CSS code and drill-down targeting procedures.