WebFOCUS 8207

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WebFOCUS 8207 represents a major advance in ease of use and includes many advanced features.

Learn more about the key features that we are so excited about.

Home Page

New Home Page and Enhanced Content Search

The redesigned Home Page provides easy access and seamless navigation to the tools, functions, properties, and features that WebFOCUS offers. This new interactive landing page automatically displays your favorites and last viewed items, based on your activity. Other features include: one-touch access to WebFOCUS Designer, available from every location within the Home Page, centralized view of your private content repository and of all items shared with you by other users, improved search capability, and more.




Visualizing Data

Enhanced Designer Workflows and UI

WebFOCUS Designer now includes an integrated canvas that enables you to join data, visualize that data, and arrange your new content into an interactive page, all within a single session. Using the enhanced feature set, you can create new content in a variety of standard or custom chart types, and row- or column-based report layouts. You can style and customize these items individually, and transform them instantly into a page, in which you can create even more new content. You can then rearrange, and add run-time behaviors to each component, and filter your content based on visual elements.

Data Management

New Data Access Workflows

You can now access all of your data from a single, streamlined environment, which enables you to upload and modify data files or connect to various data sources, configure adapters and add or change connections. Then, easily visualize your data, use it to create content, or prepare it for future analysis.

Data Preparation Enhancements

You can now drop a new source onto the workspace as either a join or union, and control union type and options with the Union Editor. Additionally, for large data sources, you can improve response time by using a representative sample to make decisions. You can also stage all sources in the same target, to improve join performance, and create a Business View on the target directly from the Data Flow workspace.




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