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WebFOCUS Release 8205 has a fully re-engineered interface, with visually intuitive and highly efficient workflows, incorporating UI/UX best practices.

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Creating Content

Creating Content in WebFOCUS Designer

With WebFOCUS Designer, you can easily create charts or styled tabular content to illustrate trends in your data. Begin by creating and formatting your content with a few simple clicks. Add data fields by dragging data fields to the canvas. Switch between charts or tabular grids to change the view of your data. Format your content quickly, choosing from font, color, theme, and other options. You can also modify the view of data using a variety of quick transform options, aggregations, calculations, and filters.

Introducing Workbooks

Enable integration and collaboration with WebFOCUS Designer Workbooks, where you can incorporate embedded charts, pages, and external content in a single file. Workbooks feature the streamlined, intuitive workflows that are found in WebFOCUS Designer to provide flexibility and ease of use. Once created, workbooks can be edited, published, and shared with specific users and groups.

Enhanced Home Page Layout and Organization

From the Home Page, you can create any WebFOCUS content you need using the Action Bar in the Content View. Different action items are organized by category, such as Designer, so you can quickly create charts, reports, pages, and more.




Sharing Content

New WebFOCUS Portal

This WebFOCUS Portal provides a new interactive platform that facilitates collaboration, sharing, and data storytelling. Benefits of the new portal include multi-level page navigation, mobile-friendly design, simplified styling, a built-in filter bar in the presence of parameterized content, a straightforward folder-based hierarchical structure, and more. The new portal allows you to link pages directly into the folder hierarchy, create personal pages at run time, and customize the look and feel of your portal to fit your organization’s needs. All these capabilities provide a flexible interface for both authors and consumers of data analytics.

Data Management

Enhanced and Integrated Data Workflows

Uploading and connecting to your data is easier than ever using these new, integrated data workflows. Upload data files, such as Excel® spreadsheets, JSON files, or XML files, or connect to your existing data within the same, streamlined environment. When either workflow is complete, a shortcut to your data is created in the Repository, so you can locate it quickly, and use that data to start creating content.






Creating, Viewing, and Editing Source Code

Increase your productivity with the new Editor, designed to speed your work with the source code that powers your WebFOCUS application. The new Editor enables you to create, view, and edit the source code for HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, text, SQL, R, Python, WebFOCUS procedures (FOCEXECs), Master Files, and WebFOCUS StyleSheet files. You can also run HTML or WebFOCUS procedures (FOCEXECs) pages directly from the Editor. The Editor’s ease of use features include syntax highlighting, line numbering, code folding, autocomplete, and the display of a status bar and indent guides.




Adapter for Python

The latest addition to our Advanced Analytics offering, the Adapter for Python enables you to call a Python function in a WebFOCUS request. Python offers the ability to perform advanced statistical analysis. Python functions work seamlessly in new Workbooks, WebFOCUS Infographics, charts, reports, dashboards, and WebFOCUS portals. Advanced Analytics through RServe and WebFOCUS RStat are also available.



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