Dynamic Grouping

How to:

Dynamic grouping allows you to create groups of elements based on the field data type that you select. For example, in the wf_retail_lite database, there are a number of brands of televisions. Using the dynamic grouping functionality, you can create groups based on the popularity of a particular brand. The first group might include top sellers such as LG and Sony. The second group might contain the remaining brands (Panasonic, GPX, Supersonic, Tivax, and Audiovox). This would allow you to group top sellers into one group, and the remaining brands into another group.

Note: The Create Group option is only available for dimension fields of non-numeric format or attribute.

You can also specify multiple, unique groupings in the same session. For example, you might want to group the data to indicate groups of products, or specific regions.

Note: If you want to exclude a specific data element from your analysis, you can use the filter functionality.

The grouping that you specify is applied and this new group then replaces the original field that you selected in the Query pane. The name that you specify when creating the group is reflected in the Query pane.

Note: You can edit the group once it has been created by right-clicking on the group field and clicking Edit Group.

Procedure: How to Create a Dynamic Group

  1. From the Data pane, add one or more data fields to your report or chart.
  2. In the Query pane, right-click the data field for which you want to apply dynamic grouping.

    Note: The Create Group option is also available in the Data pane shortcut menu.

  3. Click Create Group.

    The Create a Group dialog box displays.

  4. In the Field text box, optionally type a name for the new group field.
  5. Select the data values that you want to group. Use Ctrl + click to select more than one value, as shown in the following image.
  6. Click Group .

    Note: To ungroup values, click a group and then click Ungroup.

  7. Optionally, create additional groups, as shown in the following image.
  8. Optionally, rename a group by selecting a group and then clicking Rename.
  9. Click OK.

    Your grouped data will display in the Data pane when your report, chart, or visualization refreshes, as shown in the following image.