Animating Visualizations

How to:

You can animate visuals in a visualization. Each individual visual can have different animation settings. The animations for each visual execute when you run the visualization.

Procedure: How to Add Animation to a Visual

  1. Create a visualization with one or more visuals.
  2. Select the visual that you want to animate.
  3. On the Format tab, in the Interactive group, click Interactive Options.
  4. On the Interactive Options dialog box, select the Show Animation check box.

    This animates the visual.

  5. Set the duration for the animation, which determines the speed at which the animation occurs. The default value is 1400ms. Increase the value to make the animation slower, and decrease the value to make it faster.
  6. Optionally, clear the Enable Hover Over Effect check box.

    This option lightens or adds a border to the segment of the visual that you move your mouse over.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Run.

    Your visual animates automatically based on the options that you specified.