Creating Blogs

How to:

You can create blogs and include them in your collaborative portals. A blog is an interactive content item that operates as commonly seen blogs on the internet, and allows users to post and view comments. Blogs abide by the same security rules that apply to other items in the repository. You can publish, unpublish, hide, and move blogs between domains or folders. You can also share blogs with other users and groups.

Procedure: How to Create a Blog

  1. Select the domain or folder where you want your new blog to reside.
  2. On the actions bar, click Blog .

    The New Blog dialog box opens.

  3. Type the requested information in the dialog box, as follows.
    • Title. Identifies the blog in the content area.
    • Summary. Provides an optional explanation of the blog. It is displayed in the tool tip, when you hover over the blog.
  4. Click OK.

    The new blog item appears in the selected location.

  5. Right-click your new blog, and then click Edit.

    The Comments window opens.

  6. Click the Add comment link to add a new comment.
  7. Once you are done adding and editing comments, click Post, and close the Comments window.
  8. You can optionally interact with comments using the following commands:
    • Click the Refresh icon to refresh comments.
    • Click the Search button , and type a key word or words in the search field, to search through comments. You can specify the search criteria by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting search criteria, such as user name, content, or meta tags. Click the Search button again to close the search field.
    • Click the Remove All button to remove all comments from all users. Remove All is only available to users with the Manage Comments privilege.

    You can now publish, share, and add your blog to a portal page or portal.