Managing the Server or Global Profile

How to:

A server or global profile, edasprof.prf, is created during installation of WebFOCUS Business User Edition. You can customize this profile, which is applied to all users.

The server profile can include almost any command that a client application can send to the server. However, the server profile is used most frequently for application setup commands, such as SET commands.

The server profile remains in effect throughout a user session. You can modify the server profile default settings. You can also add any commands or code that all connected users require before application processing begins.

Procedure: How to Manage the Server or Global Profile

  1. Sign in as a Manager.
  2. In the portal, on the Menu bar, click Administration, and then click Reporting Server Console.
  3. Click the Workspace tab.
  4. On the Workspace tree panel, expand Configuration Files.
  5. Right-click Server Profile and click Edit.

    The server profile, edasprof.prf, opens.

  6. Type the desired command, such as an application setup command, at the end of the file.

    An example of an application setup command is SET ACRSVRBTITL = ON. For an Active Technologies report, this command displays the title specified in the Master File, instead of the name, to identify a column in an ACROSS group.

  7. Click Save.
    All commands typed in the profile in step 6 are in effect for any user who submits a request for a report.