Introducing the WebFOCUS Business User Edition


This topic provides an overview the WebFOCUS Business User Edition (BUE).

WebFOCUS BUE Components

WebFOCUS BUE is a web-based environment, consisting of the following components:


Perform reporting and analysis as well as data discovery, from a single user interface. These categories of self-service analytics include the following capabilities:

  • Reporting and Analysis. Create ad hoc queries; develop reports, charts, documents and other analytic views for personal usage or sharing and distribution in static or interactive formats. You can also create more advanced information assets, such as multi-page analytic documents and multi-source dashboards.
  • Data Discovery. Explore your data to find trends, patterns, and gain new insight, by creating visualizations. Running against a high-speed data sandbox and other data sources, you can create interactive visualizations that can be saved, shared, published, and delivered as PowerPoint presentations to help you build business cases through storytelling.

Business User Edition Portal

Provides access to a single web-based environment, where you can create, access, or manage content and groups. You can develop new content or interact with content that has been created by other users, as well as create personal portal pages.


Provides scheduling and distribution capabilities for reports and procedures, as well as independent files and URLs. Using ReportCaster, reports and files are automatically distributed on a monthly, weekly, daily, or specific basis.

WebFOCUS Installation Overview


This section briefly explains the different WebFOCUS installation components.

WebFOCUS and Your Network

WebFOCUS seamlessly integrates into your existing network by connecting web servers and application servers to your data. Users then access WebFOCUS through a web browser.

The main requirements for installing WebFOCUS are:

  • Web Browser. To access WebFOCUS applications, you need a web browser and a TCP/IP connection to a web server or application server.
  • Web Server and Application Server. WebFOCUS runs in part through a web server or application server. WebFOCUS BUE installs and configures a required application server.
  • Data. WebFOCUS BUE accesses data through a High-Speed Analytics Sandbox (Hyperstage), a hybrid in-memory data store that stores, in a very compressed form, large amounts of data for retrieval, aggregation, and calculation.