About Log Files

Hyperstage uses the PostgreSQL server logs and also creates several new logs. For more information about PostgreSQL logs, see the PostgreSQL 9.2 Documentation.

Hyperstage Log Files

Log Type

Information Written to the Log

Error log

Errors starting, stopping, and running the Hyperstage server. To generate this log, add the following lines to my.cnf:


General query log

Connection and statement information received from clients.

Hyperstage log

Server start and stop information. Also contains missing configuration settings.

It is possible to turn on the display of diagnostic information. By default, this information is redirected to the Hyperstage console, unless an error log is specified (see table above). To turn on diagnostic messages you have to modify your infobright.cnf configuration file (see Configuring Hyperstage) and set parameter ControlMessages to 1 (log actions), 2 (to add a time stamp to each message), or 3 (to add memory and CPU resource information).

Note: In general, more detail in the log may have an impact on performance, so it is recommended that users find and use the setting that strikes the best balance in terms of performance versus log details.