Quick Copy For Hyperstage Using Extended Bulk Load Utility

Note: Hyperstage only supports DataMigrator, Quick Copy, and Custom Copy as ETL tools.

The Quick Copy tool allows for the copying of all data from a Source table into Hyperstage. The Bulk Load option should be selected in order for data to be loaded quickly. If the Bulk Load option is cleared, the data will take much longer to load.

The Custom Copy tool allows for the copying of selected columns, presorting data within selected columns, and filtering of columns from a Source table into Hyperstage.

The DataMigrator tool is a comprehensive ETL tool. ETL flows can be created to copy data from various sources, transform the data, and load the data into targets.

To access the Quick Copy tool, right-click the name of the synonym corresponding to the table or data you wish to copy into Hyperstage, and select Quick Copy.

The following configuration setting options are available:

Load Option

New. Recreate the target table before loading the data.

Append Existing Data. Data is loaded to an existing table.

Target Adapter

The list of adapters currently configured on the Reporting Server. The Hyperstage adapter must be configured with at least one connection in order to appear in the drop-down menu.

Target Connection

The Hyperstage connection used for the load operation.

Target Synonym Application

The target application on the Reporting Server where the target synonym will be stored.

Target Synonym

The name of the target synonym defining the Target Table Name.

Target Table Name

The name of the Hyperstage table where the data will be loaded.

Bulk Load

When selected, data will be loaded using the Hyperstage Bulk Load functionality. Bulk Load is the recommended approach for loading data into Hyperstage.

When cleared, data will be loaded using Insert/Update. Insert/Update is not recommended and will perform extremely slow.