About the Hyperstage Database Files

Hyperstage tables are located in the ib_data subdirectory in your Hyperstage installation directory. Within the ib_data subdirectory, Hyperstage databases are stored in separate subdirectories.

Important: Do not manually copy a data table from one database to another by copying the database files. Internal table numbering errors and Knowledge Grid inconsistencies may occur. To copy a table, use import and export commands (see Importing and Exporting Data in Hyperstage) or backup the entire database directory (see Hyperstage Backup and Recovery).

The following path shows the content of the ib_data directory, containing the Hyperstage databases webfocus and utf8test, as well as the BH_RSI_Repository directory, which holds the Knowledge Notes:

08/15/2014 05:11 PM <DIR> BH_RSI_Repository
08/18/2014 12:56 PM <DIR> utf8test
06/10/2014 03:16 PM <DIR> webfocus