Collations and Comparisons

Hyperstage supports all custom UTF-8 collations supported by PostgreSQL:

  • utf8_bin
  • utf8_czech_ci
  • utf8_danish_ci
  • utf8_esperanto_ci
  • utf8_estonian_ci
  • utf8_general_ci (default)
  • utf8_hungarian_ci
  • utf8_icelandic_ci
  • utf8_latvian_ci
  • utf8_lithuanian_ci
  • utf8_persian_ci
  • utf8_polish_ci
  • utf8_roman_ci
  • utf8_romanian_ci
  • utf8_slovak_ci
  • utf8_slovenian_ci
  • utf8_spanish2_ci
  • utf8_spanish_ci
  • utf8_swedish_ci
  • utf8_turkish_ci
  • utf8_unicode_ci*

*utf8_unicode_ci properly handles both French and German collation, so specific collation types for these languages are not necessary.

For more information, see the PostgreSQL 9.2 Documentation.

The SQL standard does not define a default collation. Therefore, many DBMS engines have different default collations and produce different results. As a result, there are several differences between Hyperstage and other DBMS engines.