Hyperstage Overview

Hyperstage uses a unique and patent-pending approach to compressing, storing, and processing data that allows it to be installed and run on commodity hardware with little or no DBA intervention. Hyperstage requires little tuning to support ad hoc or complex business analytic queries.

Hyperstage is a database engine utilizing the PostgreSQL database environment. As such, Hyperstage is fully compatible with all PostgreSQL-compliant Business Intelligence tools and utilizes the PostgreSQL administrative interface to reduce the learning curve for system administrators.

Hyperstage provides a versatile, highly-compressed database system optimized for analytic-type queries. The ratio of possible compression and the speed of data import and retrieval are optimized at the expense of some transactional features of the engine performance, like the frequent data updating.

Hyperstage executes complex or ad hoc queries across vast amounts of data with a low cost of ownership.