Hyperstage and PostgreSQL

Hyperstage combines the Hyperstage storage engine with PostgreSQL server implementation. Hyperstage consists of several layers. The upper layers are provided by the PostgreSQL server implementation, and the lower layers are provided by Hyperstage.

Hyperstage includes both its own optimizer and executor along with the storage engine. The PostgreSQL query engine can be used with Hyperstage. However, since the PostgreSQL storage engine interface is row oriented, it cannot take full advantage of the column orientation or the Knowledge Grid and hence query execution through this path is reduced. Queries will be directed to the Hyperstage optimizer whenever possible.

Hyperstage ships with the full PostgreSQL binaries required. PostgreSQL is used to store catalog information (as with other storage engines). You can use the PostgreSQL instance for other purposes, but joining PostgreSQL and Hyperstage tables may result in reduced performance as the PostgreSQL query engine will be used.

PostgreSQL provides:

Hyperstage provides: