Mobile Apps

This content describes the WebFOCUS Mobile apps for Android™ and iOS®. The WebFOCUS Mobile apps empower users of iPad and iPhone devices, or Android phones and tablets, with robust, innovative, easy-to-use reporting and analysis. The apps allow users to manipulate data from a variety of sources in an almost unlimited number of ways in just a couple of taps. Users can also manage their business dashboards and content for viewing and interactive analysis, even when they are not connected to the Internet. This content is intended for all users.

As of WebFOCUS Release 8.2 Version 04, the existing Mobile Favorites folder on the WebFOCUS Home Page has been merged with the Favorites folder. Any existing Mobile Favorites from previous releases have been automatically migrated into the Favorites folder and given a localized Mobile Faves tag, and no extra steps are required to view your existing Faves content. To add new favorites in the app, please see the Mobile Faves App for Android User's Guide or WebFOCUS App for iOS User's Guide.