App Studio

This content describes App Studio, a Windows-based GUI development environment for users who create WebFOCUS reports, charts, HTML pages, and applications. App Studio provides innovative features and functions that simplify development, enabling you to concentrate on interface design, business logic, and data manipulation. Features include data visualization, color exception reporting, intelligent drilldowns, and the ability to generate HTML pages without writing code.

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Key Features

The following Key Features are introduced in Release 8.2.04:
  • Vector Basemaps in App Studio. WebFOCUS App Studio includes a default set of vector basemaps, including the Dark Gray Vector, Gray Vector, Streets Navigation Vector, Streets Night Vector, Streets Relief Vector, and Topographic Vector basemaps. And you can add additional vector basemaps using the Reporting Server Geo configuration editor.

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  • Second-Level Mapping in App Studio. With a second level map license, you will have access to additional detailed administrative regions down to the postal code level for approximately 250 countries. This enables you to visualize data on a map in much greater detail than you can with the default administrative regions.

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New for Release 8.2.04

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