Configuring the Words Analysis Adapter

How to:

This section describes how to configure the Words Analysis Adapter.

As a prerequisite for configuring the Words Analysis Adapter, the path for the Java JDK or Java Runtime must be set. The WebFOCUS Reporting Server searches for the following variable names:

The following image shows how to set the JAVA_HOME variable on a Windows platform using the System Properties dialog.

Procedure: How to Configure the Words Analysis Adapter

  1. From the Web Console sidebar, click Connect to Data.


    From the Data Management Console, expand the Adapters folder.

    In the DMC, the Adapters folder opens. In the Web Console, the Adapters page opens with two lists, Configured Adapters and Available Adapters.

  2. Find the adapter on the Available list in the Web Console or expand the Available folder in the DMC, if it is not already expanded.
    On the Web Console, you can select a category of adapter from the drop-down list or use the search option (magnifying glass) to search for specific characters.
  3. In the DMC, expand the appropriate group folder and the specific adapter folder. The group folder is described in the connection attributes reference.
  4. Right-click Words Analysis and select Configure.

    The configured Words Analysis Adapter is added in the left pane.