The social media demo that is packaged with WebFOCUS highlights the capabilities of WebFOCUS Social Media Integration when performing various levels of social media analysis.

The first level of analysis is known as the engagement level, where you analyze if, when, and how much activity took place. As companies mature, they start to focus on not just the activity but the actual conversations themselves.

WebFOCUS Social Media Integration offers techniques such as sentiment and word frequency analysis to help quantify and visualize this textual data to more effectively see trends and patterns in the data.

The second level of analysis is integrating your social data with enterprise data to better understand social impact on business outcomes. The data analysis that is used in this demo was obtained when Walmart was running a very specific campaign around their meat products. Note that the sales data was fabricated to provide better understanding, especially since there was no conclusive access to their real sales data. However, the social data is real.