Integrating With Social Media


Every day, millions of people around the world use social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter to express themselves. Their communications often include thoughts about good and bad business experiences, and opinions about products and companies they like and dislike. This presents a valuable opportunity to get to know your customers in ways never before possible.

Using a WebFOCUS Social Media Integration solution, you can collect data directly from Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, and Google Analytics® and leverage it to positively influence sales and marketing, customer service, product development, and other important operations. Unlike expensive surveys, which deliver outdated intelligence, this solution offers real-time insight into how audiences perceive your company, your products and services, and your competitors.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn contain a wealth of vital information about consumer sentiment. For example, this valuable information can provide answers to key questions, such as:

  • What image do you portray to your customers?
  • Do they like your products and services?
  • Are they satisfied with the support they receive?

The Facebook Adapter can be used to retrieve posts and comments for Company and User Facebook pages.

The Twitter Adapter can be used to search and retrieve Tweets based on a defined search criteria.

The LinkedIn Adapter can be used to retrieve posts and comments for LinkedIn Group Discussions and Company Event Status Updates.

All of this type of information can assist in making key business decisions. WebFOCUS reports can be created to either report directly against this information or a data warehouse created using DataMigrator. Metrics can then be shown graphically through the use of WebFOCUS dashboards with drill-down to specific tabular information.

Sentiment Analytics

A Sentiment Analytics solution allows you to gather and interpret consumer sentiment with the highest degree of accuracy, and helps you determine which comments require your immediate attention. Sophisticated algorithms precisely gauge the emotional intensity within large volumes of written text, including Facebook posts and comments, Twitter Tweets, LinkedIn posts and comments, and other sources such as email and electronic survey information. Each message is then assigned a sentiment score (displayed as a negative to positive range of numeric values) so it can be prioritized and passed to the appropriate stakeholder for follow up.

Word Analytics

Knowledge of the specific words used to describe your company and its offerings is crucial to your ability to effectively assess public opinion. The Words Analysis Adapter employs an advanced algorithm that breaks sentences into component parts, removes common words, and provides visualizations of the most meaningful words and the frequency of their use over time. You can also drill down to individual messages, so words can be understood in full context. Using this adapter, social media professionals, marketing analysts, compliance officers, and others can quickly and easily detect which words are gaining popularity, and which ones are positively or negatively impacting the business.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Adapter is used to report against the information residing in the Google Analytics environment. Metrics, such as Page Views and Users, can be analyzed by various dimensions (for example, Country and City).

You can configure the Google Analytics Adapter using the WebFOCUS Reporting Server Web Console. The adapter requires a connection, which stores the access token. A valid Google Analytics access token is required to issue Google Analytics API calls. This token is associated with a Google Analytics application and a specific Google Analytics user.