Managed Reporting Concepts

The WebFOCUS Client security controls access to all content stored in the WebFOCUS Repository. Managed Reporting stores the following content in the WebFOCUS Repository:

Domains. Domains are the highest level of folder organization for Managed Reporting. Domains provide data on a particular topic (such as sales, inventory, or personnel) or to isolate specific users (utilized in SaaS and Multi-tenancy deployment). The data is stored in different forms in the following domain components: predefined reports (published content), data sources used to create reports (Reporting Objects), and reports created and saved by users (private content, My Content).

Application Content. Application content is predefined report procedures (FEX) and HTML forms that produce output when run. Application content is stored in a folder that groups or individual users are permitted to access. It is used to retrieve data that changes on a regular basis, for example, monthly inventory reports or weekly sales reports. Each time you run application content the output reflects the most current data, while the format of the report remains constant.

For example, a Reporting Object is a report procedure (FEX) that is a tailored view of a set of data that groups or individual users use to create personal reports quickly and in compliance with the reporting rules and guidelines of your company.

Static Content. A static report is content in which the output does not change. Unlike application content, which always reflects current data, a static report delivers a snapshot of data from a specific time. For example, a static report can be report output distributed by ReportCaster to Managed Reporting or the Report Library.

Private Content. Private content is the initial state of content created by a user, which is often referred to as personal reports. Users permitted to access or to open a Reporting Object with the tool can create private reports in the folders to which they are permitted to write and create content. Users authorized to access the Text Editor tool, Import Files tool, or App Studio can also create private content in the folders to which they are permitted to write and create content. Once created, users can run or edit their private reports, if authorized, as defined in the WebFOCUS Client security. No other user has access to the private reports of a user unless they are authorized to manage private content.

Shared Reports. A shared report is private content that another user has created and permitted a group or individual users to access. What users are permitted to do with a shared report is controlled by the WebFOCUS Client security. For more information on the security model, see the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual.

Published Content. Published content is application or static content that is accessible to all users who are permitted to access the folder location that the content is stored in within the WebFOCUS Repository.