Extra-Large Record Length Support

How to:

MAXLRECL indicates the largest actual file record length that WebFOCUS can read. The limit for MAXLRECL is 65536 bytes, allowing the user to read a record twice as large as the length of the internal matrix, which is limited to 32K.

If the Master File describes a data source with OCCURS segments, and if the longest single record in the data source is larger than 16K bytes, it is necessary to specify a larger record size in advance.

Syntax: How to Define the Maximum Record Length




Is an integer value up to 65536.

For example, SET MAXLRECL=12000 allows handling of records that are 12000 bytes long. After you have entered the SET MAXLRECL command, you can obtain the current value of the MAXLRECL parameter by using the ? SET MAXLRECL command.

If the actual record length is longer than specified, retrieval halts and the actual record length appears in hexadecimal notation.