Displaying Global Variable Values

How to:

The ? && command lists Dialogue Manager global variables and the current values. Global variables maintain the values for the duration of the connection to the WebFOCUS Reporting Server.

Note: You can query all Dialogue Manager variables (local, global, system, and statistical) from a stored procedure by issuing:
-? &

See your Dialogue Manager documentation for details.

Syntax: How to Display Global Variable Values

? &&

Your site may replace the ampersand (& or &&) indicating Dialogue Manager variables, with another symbol. In that case, use the replacement symbol in your query command. For example, if your installation uses the percent sign (%) to indicate Dialogue Manager variables, list global variables by issuing:

? %%

Example: Displaying Global Variable Values

Issuing the command

? &&

produces information similar to the following:

 &&CITY 'STAMFORD' &&CODE1 'B10' &&CODE2 'B20'