Displaying Current ddnames Assigned With FILEDEF

How to:

The ? FILEDEF command displays the logical names (ddnames) assigned for various files, input and output.

During a session, depending on the types of operations you are doing, WebFOCUS can create many FILEDEFs. Four of the system-created FILEDEFs are apparent using the ? FILEDEF command. You can have up to 250 FILEDEFs including both user-created and system-created FILEDEFs. For related information see Defining and Allocating WebFOCUS Files.

Syntax: How to Display Current ddnames

To display current ddnames, issue the command:


Example: Displaying Current ddnames

Issuing the command


produces information similar to the following:

Lname Device Lrecl Recfm Append Expl Filename ============================================================= HOLD2 DISK 0 V N Y C:\VM\SMALL\HOLD2.FTM