Changing the Data Source Creation Date and Time: The TIMESTAMP Subcommand

How to:

A FOCUS data source date and time stamp are updated each time the data source is changed by CREATE, REBUILD, Maintain, or MODIFY. You can update a data source date and time stamp without making changes to the data source by using REBUILD TIMESTAMP subcommand.

Procedure: How to Use the TIMESTAMP Subcommand

The following steps describe how to use the TIMESTAMP subcommand:

  1. Initiate the REBUILD facility by entering:

    The following options are available:

    1. REBUILD        (Optimize the database structure)
    2. REORG          (Alter the database structure)
    3. INDEX          (Build/modify the database index)
    4. EXTERNAL INDEX (Build/modify an external index database)
    5. CHECK          (Check the database structure)
    6. TIMESTAMP      (Change the database timestamp)
    7. DATE NEW       (Convert old date formats to smartdate formats)
    8. MDINDEX        (Build/modify a multidimensional index)
  2. Select the TIMESTAMP subcommand by entering:
    TIMESTAMP or 6
  3. Enter the name of the data source whose date and time stamp is to be updated.

    On z/OS, enter the ddname.

    On UNIX, Windows, and OpenVMS, enter filename. The data source to be rebuilt will be referenced by a USE command. If no USE command is in effect, the data source will be searched for using the EDAPATH variable.

  4. Enter one of the following options for the source of the date and time:

    T (today's date). Updates the data source date and time stamp with the current date and time.

    D (search file for date). Updates the data source date and time stamp with the last date and time at which the data source was actually changed. Each page of the data source is scanned and the most recent date and time recorded for a page is applied to the data source. This is the same as issuing the ? FILE query, and can be time consuming when the data source is very large. This option is used to keep an external index database synchronized with its component data source.

    MMDDYY HHMMSS. Is a date and time that you specify, which REBUILD will use to update the data source date and time stamp. The date and time that you enter must have the format mmddyy hhmmss or mmddyyyy hhmmss. There must be a space between the date and the time. If you use two digits for the year, REBUILD uses the values for DEFCENT and YRTHRESH to determine the century.

    If you supply an invalid date or time, the following message appears: