MVSDYNAM: Passing a DYNAM Command to the Command Processor

How to:

Available Operating Systems: z/OS

Available Languages: reporting, Maintain

The MVSDYNAM function transfers a FOCUS DYNAM command to the DYNAM command processor. It is useful in passing allocation commands to the processor in a compiled MODIFY procedure after the CASE AT START command.

Syntax: How to Pass a DYNAM Command to the Command Processor

MVSDYNAM(command, length, outfield)




Is the DYNAM command enclosed in single quotation marks, or a field or variable that contains the command. The function converts lowercase input to uppercase.



Is the maximum length of the command, in characters, between 1 and 256.



Is the field that contains the result, or the format of the output value enclosed in single quotation marks.

MVSDYNAM returns one of the following codes:

0 indicates the DYNAM command transferred and executed successfully.

positive number is the error number corresponding to a FOCUS error.

negative number is the FOCUS error number corresponding to a DYNAM failure.

In Dialogue Manager, you must specify the format.