IWCSwitchToSecure and IWCSwitchToUnsecure: Turning the Secure Sockets Layer On and Off

How to:

The IWCSwitchToSecure and IWCSwitchToUnsecure functions turn Secure Sockets Layer on and off, respectively. Use these two functions when configuring an application that requires certain transmissions be private, such as transferring credit card information. Currently, these functions are most commonly used in e-commerce applications.

Before using IWCSwitchToSecure and IWCSwitchToUnsecure, you must do the following:

IWCSwitchToSecure and IWCSwitchToUnsecure are JavaScript functions. JavaScript is case-sensitive. Ensure you enter these functions exactly as they appear. You can reference these functions in a VBScript or JavaScript.

Syntax: How to Turn Secure Sockets Layer On


Syntax: How to Turn Secure Sockets Layer Off