GRPLIST: Retrieving the Group List of the Connected User

How to:

Available Languages: reporting

GRPLIST returns a group name or a list of group names (separated by colons) for the connected user. This function is supported for LDAP security with all types of connections.

If the group list is empty or there is an error in the function parameters, the function returns blanks.

Syntax: How to Retrieve a List of Group Memberships for the Connected User

GRPLIST(outputLength, outformat)



Is the length of the output string.


Is the format of the output string enclosed in single quotation marks (').

Example: Retrieving the Group List for the Connected User

The following request retrieves the group list for the connected user into a Dialogue Manager variable named &LIST:

-SET &LIST = GRPLIST(300, 'A300');

The output is:


Issuing the same request for user pgmuser1 shows that this user belongs to a single group: