Adding a Geographic Role for a Field


When a field represents a geographic location or coordinate, you can identify its correct geographic role using the GEOGRAPHIC_ROLE attribute in the Master File.


How to:

This attribute specifies the type of location intelligence data represented by the field.

Syntax: How to Specify a Geographic Role




Is a valid geographic role. Geographic roles can be names, postal codes, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) codes, FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) codes, or NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics ) codes. The following is a list of supported geographic roles.

  • ADDRESS_FULL. Full address.
  • ADDRESS_LINE. Number and street name.
  • CITY. City name.
  • CONTINENT. Continent name.
  • CONTINENT_ISO2. Continent ISO-3166 code.
  • COUNTRY. Country name.
  • COUNTRY_FIPS. Country FIPS code.
  • COUNTRY_ISO2. Country ISO-3166-2 code.
  • COUNTRY_ISO3. Country ISO-3166-3 code.
  • GEOMETRY_AREA. Geometry area.
  • GEOMETRY_LINE. Geometry line.
  • GEOMETRY_POINT. Geometry point.
  • LATITUDE. Latitude.
  • LONGITUDE. Longitude.
  • NUTS0. Country name (NUTS level 0).
  • NUTS0_CC. Country code (NUTS level 0).
  • NUTS1. Region name (NUTS level 1).
  • NUTS1_CC. Region code (NUTS level1).
  • NUTS2. Province name (NUTS level 2).
  • NUTS2_CC. Province code (NUTS level 2).
  • NUTS3. District name (NUTS level 3).
  • NUTS3_CC. District code (NUTS level 3).
  • POSTAL_CODE. Postal code.
  • STATE. State name.
  • STATE_FIPS. State FIPS code.
  • STATE_ISO_SUB. US State ISO subdivision code.
  • USSCITY. US city name.
  • USCITY_FIPS. US city FIPS code.
  • USCOUNTY. US county name.
  • USCOUNTY_FIPS. US county FIPS code.
  • USSTATE. US state name.
  • USSTATE_ABBR. US state abbreviation.
  • USSTATE_FIPS. US state FIPS code.
  • ZIP3. US 3-digit postal code.
  • ZIP5. US 5-digit postal code.