Extract Files Under MVS


Extract files save lines of output during a WebFOCUS request. They contain data taken from existing data sources.

HOLD Files Under MVS

How to:

A HOLD extract file is a sequential data source that contains the results of a report request. It may have a corresponding HOLD Master File. The ddname is HOLD unless you specify the FORMAT option. WebFOCUS provides the DCB parameters in accordance with the record length of the report it is about to store. The DCB BLKSIZE parameter is automatically calculated.

If you specify the FORMAT FOCUS option with HOLD, WebFOCUS creates an extract file and a Master File, each with the file name FOC$HOLD. These files are then used as input to the procedure that creates the final FOCUS file. The new FOCUS and Master Files are created in the user temporary directory.

Syntax: How to Create a HOLD File Under MVS




Is a name for the HOLD file. If you do not specify a file name, HOLD is used as the default name. Since each subsequent HOLD command overwrites the previous HOLD file, it is useful practice to code a distinct file name in each request to direct the extracted data to a separate file, preventing it from being overwritten.

SAVB Files Under MVS

How to:

A SAVB file is an extract file containing the results of a report request in internal format. That is, all numeric fields are stored in binary, and all character fields are padded with spaces to a multiple of four bytes. The file cannot be printed.

The server dynamically allocates a temporary sequential data set under ddname SAVB or a ddname you supply with the AS ddname option. WebFOCUS allocates five tracks each for primary and secondary space. Record format is variable blocked with record length and blocksize dependent on the record size. To keep the file, use the DYNAM COPY command.

Syntax: How to Create a SAVB File Under MVS




Is name under which WebFOCUS allocates a temporary sequential data set.

SAVE Files Under MVS

How to:

A SAVE file is an extract file that saves the data of a report, but does not save headings or subtotals, or create a Master File. It is a simple sequential character data file that can be used by other programs, or merged into another data file using a data maintenance request. The default format is simple character, although you can specify formats compatible with many other software products. WebFOCUS saves all columns in the report, in printable character format, with no spaces between columns.

A SAVE file contains the external character format equivalent to SAVB. The command syntax and allocations are the same as SAVB. However, the numbers are printable Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC) characters and no padding takes place.

Syntax: How to Create a SAVE File Under MVS

ON TABLE SAVE [AS filename]


AS filename

Specifies a file name for your SAVE file. If you do not specify a file name, it defaults to SAVE. If you do not specify a file name, subsequent creations of HOLD files will overwrite each other.

HOLDMAST Files: Temporary Master Files Under MVS

When HOLD files are created either under the default name HOLD, or a specified name (for example, HOLD AS MYNAME), the description is written into the PDS whose ddname is HOLDMAST. This PDS is exactly like MASTER except that WebFOCUS creates the members. It is usually a temporary file.

The data control block (DCB) attributes of the HOLDMAST are RECFM=FB, LRECL=80, with BLKSIZE a multiple of LRECL. DCB parameters must not be supplied by the user. The server will create the HOLDMAST file with the current DCB.

If HOLDMAST is not allocated when a HOLD file is created, the server will allocate HOLDMAST as a temporary data set with five primary and five secondary tracks.

Whenever WebFOCUS needs the description of a file, it first searches the ddname MASTER. If the member is not found, it then searches the ddname HOLDMAST.

If you want to retain the HOLDMAST file, give it a name and a DISP parameter.



HOLDSTAT files enable you to include DBA information and environmental comments in HOLD and PCHOLD Master Files. Member HOLDSTAT in the distributed library EDAMSG.DATA is the default. Alternately, you may create your own HOLDSTAT or another user-specified member in your ERRORS or MASTER PDSs.

The contents of a HOLDSTAT file are included in HOLD and PCHOLD Master Files when the SET HOLDSTAT command is specified to ON or to a member name. For information about the SET HOLDSTAT command, see the Creating Reports With WebFOCUS Language manual.

The HOLDSTAT file may exist as a member in the ERRORS or the MASTER library.

A HOLDSTAT file may contain environmental comments like a file header, or the DBA attribute, or both. The supplied HOLDSTAT member contains the following file header with Dialogue Manager system variables:

$      HOLD file created on &DATE at &TOD by FOCUS &FOCREL       $
$              Database records retrieved= &RECORDS              $
$              Records in the HOLD file = &LINES                 $

In the HOLD Master File, the comments appear after the FILE and SUFFIX attributes and the DBA information is appended to the end.

Reference: HOLDSTAT File Rules Under MVS

If you create your own HOLDSTAT file, the following rules apply:

  • Each line of comments must begin with a dollar sign ($) in column 1.
  • Comments may not include user-defined variables.
  • List the DBA information after any comments. On separate lines, specify the keywords $BOTTOM and END, beginning in column 1, followed by the DBA attribute. The syntax is:



    Is an attribute such as password, user, access, restrict, name, or value.