Displaying a Previously Run Report

How to:

You can display a previously run report in a browser without re-executing the request. WebFOCUS holds a report in a cache for a set period of time. If the output for a new request is the same as the output for a previous request, and it is still in the cache, the browser displays the previous report with the Back, Refresh, or Reload button.

The EXPIRE_REPORTS parameter sets the period of time for which a report is held in the cache. It is customizable for a WebFOCUS installation and affects all WebFOCUS output. You can change the EXPIRE_REPORTS parameter in the following ways:

Syntax: How to Set Report Duration




Is the number of seconds for which a report is held in the cache. The default value is 300.

To ensure that a report is re-executed, set EXPIRE_REPORTS to 1.

To view the cached output of a browser using the Back, Refresh, or Reload button, set EXPIRE_REPORTS to a large number, such as 4,000,000,000 seconds.