Creating a Dialogue Manager Procedure


You can create a procedure with a system editor. When creating a procedure, you must follow these rules:

Commenting a Procedure


It is good practice to include comments in a procedure for the benefit of others who may use it. It is particularly recommended that you use comments in a procedure heading to supply the date, the version, and other relevant information. A hyphen and an asterisk (-*) mark the beginning of a comment.

Reference: Adding a Comment in a Procedure

You can place a comment in a procedure in the following ways:

  • Include text after the -*, optionally with a space before the text.
  • Place a comment at the beginning or end of a procedure, or between commands. A comment cannot be on the same line as a command. The following is invalid:
    -RUN -*Version 3 06/10/00

Example: Placing a Comment in a Procedure

The following example places comments at the beginning of a procedure.

-* Version 1  08/26/02  HRINFO  Procedure