Alternative Report Column Titles: TITLE

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When you generate a report, each column title in the report defaults to the name of the field that appears in that column. However, you can change the default column title by specifying the optional TITLE attribute for that field.

You can also specify a different column title within an individual report by using the AS phrase in that report request, as described in the Creating Reports With WebFOCUS Language manual.

Note that the TITLE attribute has no effect in a report if the field is used with a prefix operator, such as AVE. You can supply an alternative column title for fields used with prefix operators by using the AS phrase.

Master Files support TITLE attributes for multiple languages. For information, see Multilingual Metadata.

Syntax: How to Specify an Alternative Title

TITLE = 'text'



Is any string of up to 512 characters. You can split the text across as many as five separate title lines by separating the lines with a comma (,). Include blanks at the end of a column title by including a slash (/) in the final blank position. You must enclose the string within single quotation marks if it includes commas or leading blanks.

Example: Replacing the Default Column Title

The following FIELD declaration:

FIELD = LNAME, ALIAS = LN, USAGE = A15, TITLE = 'Client,Name',$

replaces the default column heading, LNAME, with the following:


Reference: Usage Notes for TITLE

Note the following rules when using TITLE:

  • Alias. TITLE does not have an alias.
  • Changes. You can change the information in TITLE at any time. You can also override the TITLE with an AS name in a request, or turn it off with the SET TITLES=OFF command.
  • Virtual fields. If you use the TITLE attribute for a virtual field created with the DEFINE attribute, the semicolon (;) terminating the DEFINE expression must be on the same line as the TITLE keyword.
  • HOLD files. To propagate the TITLE attribute into the Master File of a HOLD file, use the SET HOLDATTR command. HOLD files are discussed in the Creating Reports With WebFOCUS Language manual.