Simplified Date and Date-Time Functions


Simplified date and date-time functions have streamlined parameter lists, similar to those used by SQL functions. In some cases, these simplified functions provide slightly different functionality than previous versions of similar functions.

The simplified functions do not have an output argument. Each function returns a value that has a specific data type.

When used in a request against a relational data source, these functions are optimized (passed to the RDBMS for processing).

Standard date and date-time formats refer to YYMD and HYYMD syntax (dates that are not stored in alphanumeric or numeric fields). Dates not in these formats must be converted before they can be used in the simplified functions. Literal date-time values can be used with the DT function.

All arguments can be either literals, field names, or amper variables.

Note: The simplified date and date-time functions are not supported in Maintain Data.