Displaying a List of Field Names


If you want to see a list of all the fields that are included in the currently active data source, you can issue the ?F field name query.

This is useful if you need to refer to a list of field names, or need to check the spelling of a field name, without exiting from the request process. It will also show you the entire 66-character field name.

You can issue the ?F query from the Editor in WebFOCUS.

More information on all of the query (?) commands appears in the Developing Reporting Applications manual.

Listing Field Names, Aliases, and Format Information

The ?FF query displays field name, alias, and format information for a specified Master File, grouped by segment.

You can issue the ?FF query from the Editor in WebFOCUS.

If your software supports MODIFY or FSCAN, you can also issue ?FF from these facilities.


  • If duplicate field names match a specified string, the display includes the field name qualified by the segment name with both ?F and ?FF.
  • Field names longer than 31 characters are truncated in the display, and a caret (>) is appended in the 32nd position to indicate that the field name is longer than the display.