What Kinds of Formatting Can I Do?

There are many kinds of formatting that you can apply to a report:

Example: Advantages of Formatting a Report

The following pair of reports shows order number, order date, and total order revenue for Century Corporation in the third quarter of 2000. Compare the formatted version (on the left) with the unformatted version (on the right):

Consider how the formatting applied to the version on the left:

  • Catches the interest of the reader with a heading and use of color.
  • Makes the significance of the report clearer using the heading, and by changing the last column title from the default "Line Total" to "Order Total."
  • Makes the report easier and more appealing to read by increasing the space between rows, by reformatting the order date, and by using proportional fonts.
  • Draws the attention of the reader to important data. In this case, to orders exceeding $500,000, by conditionally formatting these rows with background color, font color, and (for the order total) bold font style.