Linking Using StyleSheets

How to:

You can use StyleSheets to define a link from any report component. You can create links from report data (including headings and footings) as well as graphic images (such as a company logo or product image), to other reports, procedures, URLs, or JavaScript functions.

The links you create can be dynamic. With a dynamic link, your selection passes the value of the selected report component to the linked report (procedure, URL, or JavaScript function). The resource uses the passed value to dynamically determine the results that are returned. You can pass one or more parameters. For details, see Creating Parameters.

Procedure: How to Create Links Using StyleSheets

This procedure is a basic overview of how to create links using StyleSheets.

  1. Identify the report component that the user selects in the web browser to execute the link.
  2. Specify the name of the embedded procedure, URL, or JavaScript function to execute.
  3. Identify the parameters that define the specifics of your link, if necessary.